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Open & View Really Big Giant Heavy Huge large XML, Text, CSV Files Online

When opening a 100 MB plus single file within your favourite viewer, editor, 90-95% chance that Your computer would probably freeze. That will bring OS, You into a dead lock state which would never complete.  If you want to go through your error logs, data dumps, or any other really big stuff like 1 GB plus files, You should require some tools that would carefully handle everything without any problem. These tools includes gVim, large-textfile-viewer etc. But these tools have some limitations like file size is restricted to 2 or 3 GB. But sometimes your error logs, data dumps or CSVs cross more than 5 GB! In this case You can try this below tool.

Open Giant Files Online

This tool will let you open really very very Huge, Giant, Big, Mammoth, Monster ((25 GB+ single file tested)) file on the fly. The main benefit of this tool is that you can open your huge files directly within your browser. You don’t need to download any desktop applications, mobile apps to view your big data. It will take very less memory so that the Programs/Process in the system won’t get affected. All the process happens just within your browser. The only thing you’ve to keep in mind that You need to have HTML5 enabled browser. That’s not at all a problem since all the latest browsers come with built in support for HTML5.  Once again, The really cool feature is that you don’t need to download any external plugin, software or any other tool! Just browse your Giant file here & Click to open. That’s all. Enjoy Opening Huge files. Share it..:)